About Me

Kate M. Besta

My interest in architectural and interior design began for me as an early teen. Having grown up in many renovation projects, I watched my mother and father redesign and rebuild our homes. I soon found myself reimagining homes and would scour and rip out pages of magazines to collect inspiration. In my mind, nothing was impossible in a home renovation in terms of making the home more beautiful, more functional or more comfortable.

I assisted in my first renovation in Park Circle in 2000 and immediately wanted to do more. I have since helped in both the architectural and interior design of about 20 renovation and new builds. It was inspiring to see the change being made in my own neighborhood and I felt extremely rewarded by my contribution. I approach all opportunities in the same manner by designing a better product using quality materials, introducing reclaimed or refurbished architectural components and incorporating classic design. I enjoy the challenge of designing a renovation or build in an existing neighborhood so that it feels as if it's been a part of the neighborhood's fabric for years. With our 3 children now in school full time, I am excited to continue building my business through my passion in both architectural and interior design giving my clients the tools they need to renovate or build their home.